N.V.S.D.  2021-2022
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Please call ahead of time to set up a tour with the Director. Openings vary depending on child's age, and schedule needs. 

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2021-2022 Preschool & Child Care Interest Form

Interest Form

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Programs, Policies & Procedures

Early Learning
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Child Care

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Policy and Procedure for Excluding Ill Children

N.V.S.D. Student Registration Form

Pre-K & Kindergarten

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Social Media Agreement

Social Media Consent Policy & Procedure Agreement

Nurse Checking Girl


Immunization Rates: 

  • DTap/Tdap 100%

  • Polio 100 %

  • Varicella 100% 

  • Measles 100%

  • Mumps/Rubella 100% 

  • HebB 100%

  • HepA 100%


      Preschool & Childcare Options     

find out about high quality, part day and full day
programs in the community, including additional
programs with low & no cost options
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