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Hello from Hebo!

We continue to do our early learning work in distance learning, along with the school district. All of our staff continue to put materials together and send packets home, cook and deliver meals and continue to offer engaging opportunities through out the day for the students. Like everyone, we remain grateful for our district leadership in keeping us all safe and look forward to when we can all be together again in person. You can access the daily activities on Teacher Autum or Teacher Ashlee's Canvas pages. They both offer multiple opportunities through the day for your child to engage. Thanks to Bobbie Stirling and Sharman Ensminger for including all of us in Music Class and Power Paws each week. In our Preschool Promise classrooms, we are on the last week of learning about winter and celebrations. We shared what types of celebrations we each have in our own families. We also learned about celebrations in other countries. All of our staff are working on putting together a culturally responsive instruction, on-line and when we come back in person. This week, we were all able to experience winter weather while on Zoom together! Next week we start a new unit on animals. We will be focusing on what animals need, where different types of animals live and some animals are mammals. We will continue to learn about identifying feelings. This week in our social emotional work, we focused on happy and sad. Next week we will identify when someone is feeling surprised or scared. Try to find a good picture of when your child looks surprised or scared, or look in a mirror with them. It's a great way to learn empathy and recognizing emotions (and we all have a LOT of emotions right now!). We also incorporate drawing and art into our morning time. This week we drew a fish and a snowman using shapes that we learned about. If you are joining us and can't find your packet, feel free to join in using whatever materials you can find! We end every morning class with time for fun music and movement. The Art Literacy Program, presented by Leeauna Perry, the Youth Arts Program Teacher from the Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, was a big hit with everyone this month. Everyone had the chance to tear up a magazine and use the pieces they tore to make a collage. Also they focused on camouflaging animals, flowers etc. into their collage. If you are looking for ideas on projects like this at home, and/or need materials for them, please let us know! If you'd like more information about this program, you can find it here: Sitka Center for Art and Ecology ( We send home weekly packets that are filled with a wide variety of learning opportunities. Each week we send home a weekly letter from Second Step. You can learn more here: Early Learning Curriculum | PreK Curriculum | Second Step ( This letters covers what we will be teaching the next week as well as at home activities for students to do with families. We also send home the letter of the week with an activity focusing on the letter of the week, as well as a number and/or shapes that the children can match or sort. Our teachers also like to send home crafts, this week we sent home the materials and instructions on how to make a kite and we look forward to seeing our friends using them! The next unit is animals, so our movement cards were gallop like a horse, stomp like an elephant, waddle like a duck and walk like a bear. We continue to introduce mindfulness to our early learners, using the Little Renegades cards for meditation and breathing work. Parents can find more information here: Resource Hub – Little Renegades ( Finally, our staff continue to meet with the PK-2 Cohort and share ideas for virtual learning and family supports. Ms. Bean-Bamford had the great suggestion for us to do something fun and social, with the kids, so we started the Friday Lunch Bunch in January! This is offered to all students from the 2nd grade down to Preschool. The teachers have been really enjoying the informal, non-structured time with students and each other. We have been able to see children who were in our classrooms in past years and the students get to see who might be their teacher in the future. It's been a real bright spot for all of us. If you have any questions about distance learning or child care re-opening plans, please email or call me anytime.

Diane Wilkinson Early Learning Program Director Nestucca Valley Early Learning Center 503-392-3194 x355

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