Marching On

Spring is almost here! The outside time is getting longer and more often and the grass is growing fast again!

The Early Learning Division has updated their guidance around quarantining and other COVID protocols. Like all of our regulatory entities, they are learning right along with us, and have to make rapid decisions based on new information. We are very grateful for their focus on the safety of the children in our care and the staff in our programs. Here is their latest update:

As a Certified Center, we are licensed with the Oregon Child Care Division and follow the guidelines as such. Our Preschool classrooms fall under that license so, along with school district and child care division regulations, we also follow the state funded Preschool Promise requirements. For a full list of those requirements, please email me and I'd be happy to set up a time to go through the manual.

We have added staff to work in our "new" infant/toddler classroom. Building this program will take time, especially the high quality classroom that our families deserve. If you have a child between 3 months and 35 months old and you are seeking full time (40 hours/ week) care, please email us at for more information. At this time, our days of operation follow the school district.

If you are seeking information about preschool for next year, we will be holding recruitment "events" in April. You are welcome to complete the link you can find on our website title, "Preschool and Child Care Options." This link is provided by our partners at the Early Learning Hub for their Coordinated Enrollment efforts. This will put your name on a list that is monitored by a team of early learning partners in Tillamook County, ensuring that the families are placed in the program that best suits their situation. At this time, we are only collecting names and information for new students (who are at least 3 by September 1, 2022). Filling out this link does not guarantee a spot in a program.

As always, you can reach myself or your teacher by email or phone.

Thank you!

Diane Wilkinson

Early Learning Program Director

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